Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Post or last post

I haven't been posting here of late because now that I have a Facebook Wall page thingy I find it better suited to my short rambling sometimes lucid thoughts.I'm thinking of doing another blog to talk books because that's what I miss from the defunct NYTimes forums and a few other sites I have found lacking or atarted out promising only to have the owner shut down.Plus I have a few blogs I love to read especially Trout Towers and Fast Grow the Weeds and I feel guilty that these folks actually write things while I find my thing not suited to a blog well except for my old Parkrat blog which I had fun telling all those drug stories and tales of wasted youth but I'm afraid when I decide to run for a higher office I will be outed.

Friday, September 4, 2009

North to Alaska

I loved it when the local weatherman chuckled about being wrong about today's high,It was supposed to be 89 but went to 96 making this as he laughed the 10th straight day of 90 or above.He didn't mention the fact that all the LA stations said this was going to be a four day heat wave when it started and that after day two the temps have been 94 to 100 each day with east coast humidity the past several days.I came across a Spanish language version of Call of the Wild this early am and watched it with little sound just because when I came upon it it showed a beautiful snow storm.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The reason I finally joined Facebook is because I came across a site for Burdett's.Burdett's was the village market in my hometown of Pittsford,N.Y. where I worked off and on for a few years senior year and after high school when I was back in Pittsford off and on.It was THe job to have because everyone came through there and there were always a bunch of cute girls working there.Then I found a facebook page for Thirsty's the town bar in Pittsford.The icing on the cake was finding A Fan's of the Provincetown Jug Band page which had a link to The Old Colony bar.The Jug Band played at The Surf Club for many years and the Surf Club was in my estimation the finest dive bar in America.It was smack on the harbor but inside it was a ramschackle hodge podge of hats hanging from the ceiling and other asssorted bric a brac.I recall the first time my father came in there looking for me when they came to visit one weekend and though I wasn't there he said when he walked in to the dimly lit place in daytime it looked like the kind of place where someone gets knifed.Oddly enough I never saw anyone get knifed in there but I did outside just steps away on the wharf.Alas years ago they gutted the Surf Club put in windows and sliding doors all around turned it into mostly a restaurant and ruined it.I still weep at the thought.The OC meanwhile on Commercial Street is a lot smaller than the Surf Club but has been the same dive it was since I first saw it in 1975.It's where I imagine or in some cases know where the old Surf Club crowd hangs out.At least those who are still living.

Fall can't get here soon enough

With all the smoke in the air the moon has risen tonight and stayed a strange Orange hue.It's quite beautiful and looks like Halloween until you realise all the damage and suffering that has gone on to create that color moon above Los Angeles tonight.