Monday, August 31, 2009

Missing in Action

I've been remiss in posting here of late for several reasons.One has been the horrid weather we've had so I haven't been out and about.Another was I spent the weekend watching all the Ted Kennedy stuff as it was the end of an era so I was mostly at a History blog I belong to.Also I joined facebook a few weeks ago and each night I find a long lost person wanted or unwanted and all that entails.Lastly Sweet Pea and Knuckle Sandwich are in Arizona with their dad visiting grandparents so it's quiet around here and they inspire me though their Mom is enjoying a few days off so to speak.Hoefully Sept. will kick in some posts but the number of places I now hang out online is stretching me thin.P.S.,Though I did go to Trader Joes today by bus and cabbed it home with a case of Zin and four gallons of Iced Tea plus various other things.I ran into Lloyd Braun(the 2nd actor who played him on Seinfeld)whom I've run into for years in grocery stores and the Post Office before I knew who he was.He looks like a golfer and plays in a tournament Ethel Kennedy has on the Cape each fall so I asked him if he watched the wake on C-Span and he had and we chatted and went our seperate ways.I know his real name but I'm respecting his privacy so one can look him up if one wishes.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Sad Night

Just seeing the news coming out that Senator Edward Kennedy has passed.The last of the Kennedy boys and perhaps the best Senator we had these many years.He was able to reach across party lines and always brought common sense logic to the debate.It's to bad that some of the wacko right tried to destroy him.Especially over the night on Martha's Vineyard.Of course those same folks were quick to condemm a man for faults they also had but chose to ignore.We have lost a giant and great human who used his family name and wealth for the betterment of others instead of personal gain.God bless you Teddy!

Friday, August 21, 2009


I took the bus to Trader Joes today to buy a few things I don't have to keep cold and when I got on the bus I noticed two people reading books.Three stops down at the mall two more folks got on and sat down reading books.As we went down Westwood Blvd. I noticed a guy at a bus stop on the other side leaning against a pole reading a book.When I came out of Trader Joes and sat down at my return bus stop there was a young lady reading a book.Granted Westwood Blvd. is on a UCLA run but the bus I was on turns away from that route both ways so I was pleasantly surprised to see so many book readers and none looked to be books of the pulp mass market kind.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What was Scotland thinking

The release of a total scum bag by Scotland in the bombing of the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie is not only disgusting but the reaction when he landed in Libya was truly sick.That anyone would celebrate this lowlifes return is sad but the fact he is supposed to be dying is vauge.On a like note the Bush family has a long link in oil deals to Libya and with the Tom Ridge allegations today it gets more disgusting.Of course the extremist right wingers will put up more nonsense on this which makes me detest these folks even more.

Nature Shows

Now that I have basic cable again I've been watching a good amount of PBS Nature shows.There is one on right now about Baboons.I never realised how violent the pecking order can be and the King Baboon actually took down an Impala fawn with ease.I did not picture them eating animals that large or animals for that matter.

My trust is shattered

My Frigidaire which I had repaired in June has gone on the fritz again and today I bought a new Westinghouse.Luckily I'd just finished the Caviar,Lobster and foie gras along with the truffle risotto when it went.When I was at best buy today I asked the clerk to look up my frigidaire purchase.August 27th,2006.So the sucker didn't even make it three years.The frig before that was 22 when it went in 2006.Here's the kicker though the Frigidaire was made in Canada!.If the Canadians can't build a decent one my trust in humankind has taken a hit.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tom Guiler(left) and I thumbing in front of Babes,North Truro 1978

Dog Days of Summer

I haven't posted of late because I've had a summer head cold that is hard to shake and I finally caved in to a few friends and joined Facebook last Fri night I think.So I've been there every night looking at other peoples walls which leads to another long ago friend popping up.It's sort of scary how facebook works because as soon as I signed up they had names of folks I haven't seen in thirty years as potential friends.Also it's cool to look up old girlfriends and realise how old you are in fact are. I also found a Fans of Provincetown Jug Band facebook site which I joined right away.I had the most fun at Facebook though filling out my profile info.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

One of the local news stations the CW to be exact led off their ten O'Clock news with these two teaser storylines."Cockfighting Ring Broken Up" and"Celebrity Hollywood Sperm Bank".