Monday, August 31, 2009

Missing in Action

I've been remiss in posting here of late for several reasons.One has been the horrid weather we've had so I haven't been out and about.Another was I spent the weekend watching all the Ted Kennedy stuff as it was the end of an era so I was mostly at a History blog I belong to.Also I joined facebook a few weeks ago and each night I find a long lost person wanted or unwanted and all that entails.Lastly Sweet Pea and Knuckle Sandwich are in Arizona with their dad visiting grandparents so it's quiet around here and they inspire me though their Mom is enjoying a few days off so to speak.Hoefully Sept. will kick in some posts but the number of places I now hang out online is stretching me thin.P.S.,Though I did go to Trader Joes today by bus and cabbed it home with a case of Zin and four gallons of Iced Tea plus various other things.I ran into Lloyd Braun(the 2nd actor who played him on Seinfeld)whom I've run into for years in grocery stores and the Post Office before I knew who he was.He looks like a golfer and plays in a tournament Ethel Kennedy has on the Cape each fall so I asked him if he watched the wake on C-Span and he had and we chatted and went our seperate ways.I know his real name but I'm respecting his privacy so one can look him up if one wishes.

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