Sunday, September 28, 2008


This has to be one of my favorite words in the English language.Just reading it brings to mind sunsets with a sky that is not quite clear but infused with wood smoke from fires and a slight chill that hints at winter.Even here in L.A. I caught it a few nights back right before sunset standing outside smelling someones fire for the first time this fall a slight haze in an otherwise clear sky.A friend sent me the link today to a special section on James Crumley and it's five pages of great tributes to him one of which is hers.I wish I had a bunch of dollars so I could book a deluxe sleeper room on every Amtrak route in the west and just ride the train for a few weeks with a good supply of Bourbon and Single Malt and all the Crumley novels just reading and sipping.Of course after riding the western rails I'd probably have a dream where I was at a nudist resort near Jellystone Park with Yogi and Boo-Boo.Sweet Pea and I planted some bean seeds today because the ones I gave her before were two years old and even though she keeps asking me if I watered her two little pots I told her it's been three weeks and nothing so I don't think they are good anymore.These seeds today were from a vine this summer so hopefully I can help her transplant these before I go east.Knuckle Sandwich has decided he is going to be Charlie Brown this year for trick or treat but no word on Sweet Pea.I have been back east the past several years for it so have never seen them out but Sweet Pea turns 5 the week after I return in November so we have to do a good party.

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