Monday, September 22, 2008

What I finally Read

Well after making comments about the different books the other night I happened to glance way right from my computer(What I like to call the Sean Hannity bookcase)and my eyes came to rest on a hardcover four book set of Fitzgerald I picked up from BOMC some years back.Three of them I've read many times but the 4th one"This Side of Paradise" I only read once 73-75 so either from junior year to the year after high school.I find after 30 plus years I recall very little of it but I am enjoying the read.All Fitzgerald was so wide eyed hopeless romantic to me then that I pictured myself in every page(well that and the weed I was smokin) and now I find myself a little less enchanted by it but still in love with the prose and style.Now reading it I don't project myself and my world as it was back then into it.On another note a great American Writer that not many know about passed on Wed.James Crumley was a crime writer but not really.His novels were outside the basic crime thing.He was like Chandler if Chandler had been on Acid and Speed at the same time.The closest before him I can think of in style is Nelson Algren sort of.Great writing and his novels are well worth a read.

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