Sunday, October 5, 2008


Tonight I dusted off my turntable which I had not used in a good four years and found it still worked.I did it because I was moving some of the 1000 or so LP'S I still have many of which I don't have on CD.The first one I played was an Eric Anderson LP with "Time Runs Like a Freight Train" on it.Then I found"On the Road to Freedom" a 73 album by Alvin Lee and Myron LeFevre(sp).Lee being the Ten Years After frontman that has a great song on it called"So Sad" by Hari Georgeson with this great slide guitar which I knew right away was George Harrison but several friends did not(blame it on pot).I even played my original Dark Side of the Moon LP and it still sounds pretty good.I almost like some of the scratchy sounds of some of my well played LP'S and some I'm sure have never been put on CD.I wonder if McKendree Spring is on CD.

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Susan said...

Chris just told me he's setting up a turntable when he puts in the stereo down here. This kind of breaks my heart because I gave away ALL my albums years ago, having nothing to play them on and nowhere safe to store them.