Thursday, February 26, 2009

Haircut in Key West

I was just reading a friends blog from Cape Cod the wonderful"Trout Towers" and there was mention in todays post and replies of a Parrot in a gilded cage. I'd link it but I never manage to do it right.I think if you click on my moniker it's under blogs I follow.But I googled it and it shows up easily.Ironically when I typed in Trout Towers it didn't show up on the top ten list that pops up.Trout Tickling seemed to be most popular though I have no idea what that entails and Trout Trucking also jumped out.Anyhoo to get back on topic I was reminded of some years ago when friends and I rented a house from a friend of a friend smack in the middle of a Key West August.The house had a small pool but the system was broken,the owner was out of town and the pool guy was always coming the next day to fix it.We just kept dumping chlorine in each day and after several days of Key West summer heat the chlorine smell in my hair and looking for an air conditioned hangout I wanderd down a little alley to a barbershop and thought I might as well cut it short for relief.I entered the place and it was a bit dark for a Barbershop.As I walked in I saw an older woman under a dryer and then glancing right an old guy asleep in a wheelchair.He opened one eye gave me a sneering look like Barrymore does to Johnny Rocco in "Key Largo" and went back to sleep.Then the lady who owned the place came out of a back room and I told her I would like a haircut.She started in on the haircut and we were chatting when I noticed a rather large Parrot on the windowsill.I said that's a beautiful Parrot and right away the Parrot starts bobbing it's head.Then it gives the wolf whistle and says"What the Hell"It says that a few more times then flys onto the Barbers shoulder with me right there.She tells me not to worry that he doesn't bite but now the Parrot is doing the whistle and What the Hell right near my ear.The bird then grew bored and flew off to a table where it started walking in circles.I'm thinking what have I gotten myself into here.Finally we are done and it was a pretty good haircut.I pay her and as the register dings Barrymore opens one eye again briefly.I exit the shop and one of the"locals" accosts me with a demonic grin on his face."Excuse me sir would you like some free shampoo?It's Free"I tell him no and he wanders across the street to a drug store as I'm standing there waiting for my friends a few minutes later I hear yelling from the drug store,A police car pulls up and my shampoo friend is shoved in the back of the car yelling his head off.Seems he was loading up on various items without paying and had done it before.Since this haircut other Barbers just don't give me a thrill.I long to go back for another one someday.

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