Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dave's not here Man

My muse has been on vacation somewhere and didn't tell me where he was going but a few things to offer.First off the streetlight near our bldg has now been out since Dec 23,2008.I called it in on Dec 26th and was told 5 to 6 buisness days.A return call only got the cryptic well we have many streetlights out around Los Angeles.So the state money woes have trickled down to the lower levels.Never been more than a week before.On the local ABC news tonight I saw a quaint story about the feds making a big pot bust when they found ceramic donkey statues full of pot.Literally Drug Mules!Finally I was out around dusk tonight to see Venus come out to play and my 5 year old neighbor Sweet Pea joined me.She blew bubbles which I tried to catch without breaking to no avail and then she ripped up some of last years corn stalks and we taped them together for decorations.Then she started ripping up a small husk when I told her that's where grits come from at which point like a wise guy simpleton I said we should grind some which led her to tell me I should get my grinder or Food Processor out so we could try it.I pointed out we needed power at which she said there was a power cord for the outdoor lights right around the corner on the patio.Smart girl......

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