Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A New Jones

So on one of my drives down to Naples,NY to buy grape pies at various places I made a visit to Monica's Pies the biggest of the pie sellers.Monica sells great Chicken Pot Pies frozen andI bought 8 of those to take back up the road to Pittsford and I bought another jar of her Seedless Blackberry Jam but I also bought a jar of her Sour Cherry Jam which I tried last night with some ham.Oh my lord the stuff is wicked wicked good.But I just found out Monica not only quit shipping pies which were way expensive fed ex but she no longer ships the jams and jellies and conserves also.So I'm going to call my buddy I stay with who calls on a Doctors office in Naples twice a month and see if he will pick up a few jars I can give as Holiday gifts.The sour cherry jam is that good.Loaded with chunks of Sour Cherries and the sugar gives them a slight sweetness that with sweet cherries would be overkill.I don't know how to describe the taste but my tastebuds love it.

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