Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tis the Season

I was up at the mall today looking for my XMass cards after a Kung Pao chicken lunch and man cards have gone up.I picked up one box and it was 32.00 for 14 cards.For that price I could give a few friends a pack of smokes for XMass like they do in Canada.I found a box of 20 smaller cards that I picked up to send to a few friends and stay in the good graces(wills) of several aging Aunts and Uncles.Passing by the post office sub-station at the mall I was surprised to see them getting a mail delivery from a letter carrier.Who knew the post office got a mail delivery? I wonder what they do with the junk mail.Finally my buddy did his Naples Run today and picked up two more jars of Sour Cherry jam for me.Oh and before I forget has anyone else seen the PBS special recently of Ed Sullivan and the music acts on his show.Some really good stuff and some of the nights I can recall where I was watching these for the first time.I swear though Mick Jagger is stuffing his pants when they do"I Can't Get no Satisfaction".

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