Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mr Ed only ordered pizza

So the past few nights I've been watching James Bond flicks on something called Ion Television which is free since I don't have cable and though there are ads it is the ones they have been running for a movie coming in Feb that have me wondering.It's called "The Last Templar" as if we don't have enough of these goofy modern day crusades flicks.Da Vinci Code should be a pizza order not another bad movie on a bad book about well a bunch of nonsense.So the ads for this Templar thing shows the outside of a museum and then come four horses ridden by guys in robes and armor including face trotting up the steps.For some reason these four dudes dressed as crusaders trotting up the steps doesn't even draw a second glance until they get through the doors which isn't shown in the ad and then suddenly it's Kentucky Derby day as they race across the floor of the museum scaring folks out their wits and smashing things glass while they snatch the secret thing.Then they race off like Republicans with the public monies and the smart beautiful girl enters the picture to solve the crime.

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Colburn said...

The Last Templar was actually shown on NBC last week. Mira Sorvino played the smart beautiful girl (and she is in real life too, or at least she went to some Ivy League school). And yes, I did watch part of it, including the beginning part when the four horsemen behead a New York cop and steal the Vatican treasures from the museum. Looked pretty bad, but I did get sucked in for a while. It looked pretty certain that Mira Sorvino would save the day at the end, so I didn't feel the need to watch the whole thing.