Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy day of your arrival in life

So I was watching ABC news tonight and should have taken more notes becuse I've alreay forgotten some of it which I blame on Greg Norman cause after watching him golf very well early in the a.m. and reading the stories about it online about 8 tonight reading it on ESPN the story started with 53 year old Greg Norman ready to make history as the oldest ever to win a major and I said to myself"Wait a minute,I'm 53!"It took all day for that to register and now that I am supposed to feel old I forget some of the ABC story from earlier which was about the song"Happy Birthday".Turns out the song has a copywright and the music company that owns the rights takes in roughly 2 million a year on royalties from it. From TV ads to TV shows to movies they charge 5,000 to 30,000 for it.They go after restaurants for using it just like they charge them for playing music.The story went on to say they even threatened the Girl Scouts they'd have to pay if they keep singing it to birthday girl scouts around campfires.No mention of the other scouting groups.So technically every time we sing Happy Birthday and don't pay we are in violation though the story stated the enforement over the years for many has been lax or ignored.Now here's some of what I forgot but the song was written by two sisters way back as a childrens song with different lyrics and they changed them one day for a childs birthday.The kicker though is some prof or something says folks should not pay anything because there is no proof that the two sisters actually wrote the song.The music company that has the rights now says not so fast that they can prove it.It went on to say some places get around it by changing the lyrics somewhat but I doubt the legality of that move.Still from now on I will always add the "You look like a Monkey and a) you smell like one too,b)you look like one too or c)you act like one too or is it to? I'll leave that to my editor.


Susan said...

Is that why some restaurants have their own version? I thought they were just being creative.

JAbel said...

They mentioned Restaurants using their own versions in the story.Also I think I should have spelled it copyright.Or maybe it's like color and colour.