Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hello Walls

I've been homebound so much recently nothing happens to write about.I guess I could mention that the other night I did go out to the patio and found that the landlord had hired "tree trimmers" which meant they had pretty much done the large Ficus tree so it looks like it joined the Marines or that they 1) destroyed my huge Morning Glory Vine,2)destroyed all the strings of lights on the patio and 3)destroyed my oldest and most treasured Weber Charcoal grill.It was a pleasant surprise.So I did ribs on my Simpsons Weber which if they harmed it would have meant prison time for myself and a chainsaw in a body part for the trimmer only Robert Maplethorp would have taken a picture of.Anyhoo I did the ribs and as I set a plate down in front of the computer the other night felt something brush my arm.I looked all over and saw nothing and given my meds of late I shrugged it off.So tonight I stretched out my right foot under my desk with the computer and touched something solid.Looking way under I saw that indeed a rib was lying there half petrified so I now know what I felt brush against my arm the other night though how it fell and bounced that far under is still a mystery.I really need to get out.

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