Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass

My emails with my old boss Claudia about Babes Restaurant have brought back some memories of my pro dishwashing days when I have been doing my own dishes* of late. Claudia used to tell me that I was going to force her to change the pattern of the breakfast dishes,cups etc. because I was so rough on the plates with breakage she was going to run out as the pattern was no longer around.It wasn't like it was fine China or anything but to mess with her I started playing the Nick Lowe song on the portable tape player in the kitchen that is the title of this piece.Then one rainy day I almost brought her prediction to pass.We were full all morning and since it was raining the floor area in front of the entrance to the restaurant was fairly wet.Since there wasn't much room behind the counter I always took the full bus trays across the front of the restaurant to the kitchen.As I was walking briskly across the floor with a very full bus tray I hit the wet spot in my docksiders and my feet went right out from under me.As I slipped right on my butt to the floor the bus tray left my hands and went straight up into the air.Everything went slow mo at that point in my minds camera.I fell to the floor sitting on my butt and watched the tray go up what seemed to me well above the counter then come down right into my hands where I caught it without a plate,cup,saucer,fork,knife or spoon coming out.I sat there for a second stunned that I fell and that I caught the freakin tray when the whole restaurant breaks into applause and Claudia is proclaiming from behind the counter"Breakfast and a floor show"*For the record I don't have a dishwasher,I do my own by hand.

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