Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dirt is Dollars

So I spent the day replanting the patio and the walls above it and I dropped 135.00 out of my own pocket this trip.I can only hope the landlord appreciates this but I doubt it.It looks really good though and I've already given a talk to Sweetpea and Knuckle Sandwich about kicking balls,waving large sticks and other general mayhem around the plants.On the plus side since I was outside I didn't feel the 4.1 quake we had on Tues that was the follow up to the Sunday night 4.7 that really shook me up and buckled my Cookbook/Gourmet Mag. bookcase.It's not so much the plants but the new bags of Potting Soil that run up the bill.I think I should become a dirt farmer.

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