Friday, May 8, 2009

Kentucky Fried Eel

So I'm watching the news tonight and they have this story on about how Oprah did some thing with the new Kentucky grilled chicken this week on her show and there was a coupon for free chicken.Well KFC didn't realise the power of Oprah and they were swamped.Something like 4 million coupons with 5 million out there and many chains are now rejecting them so KFC is giving rain checks now on folks who come in.It all sounds confusing but the fun part for me was listening to the CEO.The guy has a British accent bordering on the type of Scotsman you can't understand a word he's saying.Who knew a Brit was running a Fried Chicken empire.Now that I think about it a few weeks ago I got some chicken strips at mine and the young lad in front of me was either from the Isles or Jamaica and first off he was asking for "chips" with his meal which the server was trying to explain they didn't have but they had potato wedges.Then the kid asked for a serviette and the server had no clue what he wanted till I said napkin.It pays to watch the Three Stooges where I recall Moe told Curly he had dropped his serviette although what happened after that wasn't polite..But listening to this young man speaking like this instead of the street slang mumbling of LA was a real eye opener.

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