Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Tomato Grows in Los Angeles

A few weeks ago at the bustop down the street by the carwash I noticed a small tomato plant growing in a wee bit of dirt street level next to a storm drain.Today while I'm waiting for the bus I notice the plant has like seven blossoms and two small tomatoes growing on it.I've only put in one tomato so far and that in a pot and while it's growing well still no blossoms.This little plant next to the storm drain gets no love and is doing well.I'm hoping I get to pick one of the tomatoes from it because this guy/gal comes from tough stock and I'd like to see what I can do with it's seeds next year or this winter.We need to weed a patch of dirt behind the building so I can get Knuckle Sandwich and Seetpea to help us put in some more tomato plants.Speaking of Sweetpeas I found two packs of seeds from 2007 so I placed them a few inches apart in front of my Impatien beds on top of our patio wall and under the ficus tree.Even though it's late to plant them here they are old seeds and they are fairly shady spots so I'm waiting to see if I get anything at all from them.

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