Thursday, June 25, 2009


A loud afternoon here with news and police choppers and police cars all converging on Westwood and UCLA a few miles north.I've been having some strange dreams of late but last nights may have toped them.I dreamt I was at a house in Truro,MA but the people who brought me there had left without telling me.So I was wandering around wondering how I was going to get home when I went out front and sat down at a small circular bar on the front lawn.Then the bar and part of the front lawn started moving slowly in a circle.The lawn and bar were rotating so I asked the bartender why and she said "Well we wanted something special for the book awards for the Truro school kids"I was like huh? when I looked across the bar to see one of my best friends from high school Russ and my best friend from college Bear sitting there laughing.That's when I woke up.I have no idea what the dream means other than to lay off the 6.50 a bottle generic Canadian Whiskey.

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