Thursday, June 18, 2009

Out Where the Buses Don't Run

So today I went to my Dermatologist in Santa Monica and talked mostly Golf instead of my meds so it was a good visit.After I took the little blue crosstown bus to pick up my 5 Bus.I got off the bus walked around the corner and here comes my bus!.But as it got closer the front read NotIn Service.So I sat down and a few minutes later here comes my bus! except as it got closer it also read Not In Service.So I sat down as one can see a good distance towards the ocean where I was and I saw no busses down the road.So I sat down and enjoyed the afternoon when I see a bus coming from the other direction headed towards the Ocean that reads Not In Service.At this point I'm laughing a bit out loud and passerbys are starting to glance away.A few minutes later again headed towards the Ocean comes another Not In Service at which I exclaim loudly to myself I feel like I'm in a freakin Twilight Zone episode except a lady pushing a stroller with another youngster walking by her side is passing behind me at which she starts moving a bit faster to get away from the crazy man in the Red Sox hat.After about fifteen minutes a bus going my way finally comes along and stops.As the door opens I hesitate a bit thinking maybe this is where the horror part of the story starts and I'm actually getting on a bus that will turn out to be all aliens from another galaxy.........After I got home I was thinking maybe it was Karma for the time in high school when three carloads of us in a row one after another pulled up to a hitchiker our age and one after another as each car pulled up and the kid ran towards the door each car sped off.I was in the backseat of the last car and will never forget the look on the kids face as I looked back at him standing by the side of the road flipping us the bird.White punks on Dope indeed.

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Carol said...

As you acknowledge a bit later in the post, most aliens are from our own galaxy. Solar system. Planet. Latitude and longitude. Liquor store.