Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I received an email from my old neighbors today that Jackson had passed away a few weeks ago. Jackson wasn't that old in dog years.I've been in a funk since then.Jackson was a yellow lab and my favorite dog ever.He came to our building some years ago as a puppy and I spent a lot of time with Jackson in his formative years.Brian and Julie would go away some weekends which left me and Jackson together.He really really loved squirrels and he loved to play hide and seek Jackson style.We would chase each other across the back of the building and I would duck into a stairway to hide.Jackson caught onto that and would sneak up to the stairwell to look and see if I was there upon which I would yell and he would take off running.He was also a great looking Lab.Everyone in the neighborhood said so.I recall one night watching him and I was out on our patio.I had the backdoor to Jackson's apt open and he was bringing out every five minutes or so one of his toys and dropping them at my feet trying to get me to play.He would look at me and I'd try and ignore him and then off he would go and bring back another toy.I was laughing after awhile he had so many toys out and then we went for his favorite thing.A nice walk.Jackson was very popular in the building.One lady Eve would leave her back kitchen door open when she came home and Jackson would come out his door and wander down to Eve's where she would give him a treat.Eve passed away several years ago of Cancer so I like to think Jackson is in heaven hanging out at Eves back door and she's giving him a doggie treat while he waits for the squirrels to come out.I haven't seen Jackson in a few years but I'll miss him for a long long time.

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