Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Hunters by Peter Brueghel the Elder(1565)


ArtGlass said...

Scenes from workaday life in the Little Ice Age.

One of the most stunning exhibitions I have ever ecene at the Met was a Brueghel family affair, a couple of years ago.

Off-topic, but I can't resist. These 'word verification' strings of, I would assume, randomly generated characters can be interesting. HLOP, for example, ]with its aspirated initial liquid looks vaguely Old English.

JAbel said...

Arthur,Good to see you!That painting is the cover of a great book I read "A Time of Gifts" by Patrick L. Fermor.In 1933 he was kicked out of school in the U.K. and decided to walk from Holland to Constantinople.I am now on the second book and there is supposed to be a 3rd to finish his tale but he's 93 and just put a book out last fall but alas it wasn't the final in that tale.I had a Brueghel the younger as my background for awhile.I l'll be putting more Art up here.On those letters I sometimes try and see if I can make words out of them.