Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lunar Eclipse

I watched outside toinight till the Moon was covered around 7:00 Los Angeles time but the clouds are moving in so I can hardly see it now looking out the window.Since I have a large golf course and city park nearby we often get great low banks of fog on nights like this but so far none.The thing here though that when I get the Fog I don't get to hear a foghorn.My absolute favorite thing from my summers living in North Truro on Cape Cod was the moaning Fog Horn of Highland Light on a pea soup foggy night.It comes out slightly ahead of a train whistle sounding in the dark while you sleep on a train or in my bedroom growing up the train whistle heard in the night off in the distance.Such a lonesome sound.In nature the cry of a loon can give you that same feeling.

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