Saturday, February 23, 2008

Local Food

This past Wed the Dining out section of the New York Times had an article on the growing number of small farmers producing and selling dairy.Cheese,Butter,Milk,Yogurt,Creme Fraiche etc.Now we have some fine farmers markets in L.A. but I haven't really looked to see if anyone is selling butter.In High School I had a friend whose grandparents had a farm between Rochester and Syracuse and I went with him one time and his grandmother served us lunch with biscuits with her butter on it and it was like nothing I have ever tasted.Tegs grandparents were a bit different but then so were Teg and his brothers.They were the only ones in our upscale little suburb that had a pet pig and Teg's brother Tom used to put him in the front seat of their Mustang Convertible the first winter when the pig was still small,put sun glasses on him and drive around town with the top down.Eventually the pig got to big and back to the farm he went.I love going back to Rochester in the fall and going to the farm stands in the country side for apples,grapes,squash and going to Naples N.Y. and buying the area speciality Grape Pies which are really really tasty.But by going in the Fall I miss those summer days when we went to the farm stands for just picked corn and all those in season veggies just picked.During my Cape Cod summers we didn't have a lot of money but we always seemed to have free Bluefish and thanks to my buddy Jimmy fresh Quahogs he clammed the flats for.We ate a lot of chowder.We akso knew a guy in Provincetown who sold us Lobsters out of his tank in the garage for 2.75 a pound.This was late 70's There is a website called Eat It) that lists farms that ship state by state.Mostly meat and Poultry but also dairy and fruit and other things.It's worth taking a look at.

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