Friday, February 22, 2008

Sweet Pea and Knuckle Sandwich

I looked out the window before to see Sweet Pea and Knuckle Sandwich outside and heading off with their parents.Now I noticed this cause I come from a long line of Nosy or is it Nosey ancestors.Sweet Pea my 4 year old neighbor has had a flu type thing twice in three weeks.Her 6 year old brother Knuckle Sandwich came down with it a few days ago.I might add a I live in a two story 6 unit building owned by brothers mother in law and most of us have been here a long time so we are like a family with our ups and downs.We all know each other very well.Sweet Pea and Knuckle Sandwich are also my"helpers" out on our patio garden and since the garden is pretty much overgrown from a Winter of ignoring it we'll be out there in a few weeks pulling weeds trying to control the ever expanding Blue Dawn Flower Morning Glory Vine that seems to be growing everywhere and putting all the new stuff in the ground and in the pots.I know I'll find many peanuts,walnuts and other nuts in the pots from the gang of neighborhood squirrels and as soon as I replant the pots the squirrels will come dig them up looking for the nuts that I have removed.

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