Wednesday, February 20, 2008


So I have a lot of free time the next few weeks and after two years of sitting on my shelf I pulled"Middlemarch" out the other night by George Eliot(pseudonym for Mary Ann Evans).I am pleasantly surprised so far though it is over 800 pages.My only beef is that it all takes place indoors so far.Hardly any description of the countryside,weather etc.It reminds me a wee bit of "Howards End" so far but I guess that should be reversed since "Howards End" came after.One of the reasons I loved "The Forsyte Saga" which came even later was because a decent amount of it takes place in outdoor settings.The first time I read the Saga was as a junior in highschool when I was young and romantic and Old Jolyon slipping away from this earth while napping beneath one of his massive old trees has always seemed like such a perfect way to die.But I digress.A poster in our old exile group from the N.Y. Times forums told me if I want an outdoor Eliot to read"The Mill on the Floss" which I may do down the road.

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