Friday, March 21, 2008

I think it's Time

On Thursday night I was unable to get online through my MSN dialup.It dialed but then dropped the connection right away.I kept getting the same 691 error message and it has happened before but always was back next morning so I assume it's a problem at MSN'S end.This morning it was still going on so I played around changing numbers looking at my LAN ,my default location only to fix it so that I was dialing my own phone number.Every time I went to dial up my phone rang!.So I did a system restore with the same result only that it messed up my McAfee anti virus.Then I switched back to todays setting then played around did another system restore,cursed a whole lot on Good Friday.Totally teed off I went out to buy the NYTimes and had a tuna sub at Subway.Came home and turned the Computer back on and now it tells me I need to use the Connection Wizard to reset all my settings and numbers.Do that and it just keeps dialing and then redialing without connecting.I run yet another system restore I think I'm back to last Feb on this one and get the 691 error again!.I'm looking at the window by now to see if it will take a computer when I throw it.Undo the restore yet again and now I click the Connection Wizard and see that I can reinstall my internet.I click some buttons and it never asks for my MSN Disk but then downloads something and now tells me windows money or something has installed!I'm just laughing at this point so I click finish then dial up and I'm online again!I'm convinced that all the stuff I did meant nothing and MSN fixed it's problem from the other end but I'm afraid to do a restore back to what it looked like before.I'm sure my phone line is now going through dialers in Singapore and Columbia and I'm being charged 25.00 a minute for access but I'm online!Three neighbors have wireless and whenever my record industry friend visits he picks up signals no problem on his laptop in my appt so my neighbor who has been telling me for two years to go wireless says he's going to do it for me.we'll see but I feel like a tech tonight until I log off and try and get back online on Sat.

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