Monday, March 3, 2008


This afternoon Sweet Pea and Knuckle Sandwich were out front.Their mom had two big round planters and they were making a butterfly garden for Sweet Pea's school where Mom also works.They look quite nice and the butterflies should love it.After a bit our bldg dog Scout came around the corner from his walk and went into his tail wagging happy squeal.I said the magic word"squirrel" and off he went to chew on the big palm tree pausing on occasion to look up for squirrels and bark at the tree.Sweet Peas friend from down the street saw us and came down with her nanny then a little neighborhood yap dog Kylie came around the corner and "yapped". I love these little get togethers that just happen in front of our building.I told Knuckle Sandwich we will go soon to the garden store and buy a bunch of plants for the patio.Last year he came along with his Dad and I for the first time on our plant buying binge and I told him to pick something out.He picked out a six pack of cabbage plants.His father and I eventually coaxed him into something in the flower variety.I can't wait to see what he and Sweet Pea pick when we go this year.

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