Monday, March 17, 2008

Sad Times

I just found out today that Duttons Books in Brentwood is closing the end of April.Duttons was a wonderful little group of four bldgs. around a sort of courtyard each bldg. holding a different section like fiction,non-ficction and everyone who worked there not only knew books most were either minor writers or poets or wanted to be.The area where they are is really upscale and they leased so I'm surprised they held out this long.Duttons has survived two other closures in the past ten years but not this time.The funny thing is this Duttons is an offshoot of a family feud years ago between brothers that led to this store seperate from another Duttons in North Hollywood which I am not sure is still there or not never having been there.First my local used bookstore down the street now this and two other big real bookstores in Los Angeles have closed in the past year.Soon only the chains will be left with their marketing and tracking of reader habits stocking only the drivel of mass market.As Kerouac said at the very end of Lonesome Traveler"The Woods are Full of Wardens"

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