Monday, November 24, 2008

The Fixins

I went and bought my Squash today and another Pumpkin Pie.But what do I see but King Crab for just under 9.00 a pound so it's King Crab on Tues night and they also had Raspberries for 1.00 a package which was like 4.00 off so I had to buy two packs of those.The only thing I was sort of bummed about was when I got home I saw the stickers on the two Butternut Squash said they were from Mexico.Now I've got nothing against the produce from there but this is Thanksgiving after all an American tradition and since I was eating fresh local farm raised Butternuts a few weeks ago I bought off a farm stand in Naples and in Wolcott N.Y. I feel a little cheated.Also I will mention I think the Butterball holds up best on the Weber.If I'm going to spend 75.00 to 80.00 for one of those breed turkeys it's going in my oven.

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