Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Waiting for the bus by Trader Joes

On Monday I went over to Trader Joes and while waiting for the bus to come home in 90 degree weather I noticed a bunch of Oak Trees down Westwood Blvd. The thing I noticed were not only were the leaves turning a rusty red they were also dropping leaves.Now I know this happens but sitting on a bus bench in hot weather just seemed odd.Today while waiting for the bus I looked up the street to a slight rise and what at first I thought was stationary turned out to be a truckload of Port a Potties coming down the street at me.It's a strange thing to see the blue of the pottie buildings gleaming in the sun as the truck drives past.I wonder if the driver makes use of one instead of pulling in some place.Finally last night on the "Trout Towers" blog there was mention of musical folks named Kenny and I mentioned Kenny Rankin.That led me to see if the Kenny Rankin album was on CD.In the summer of 81 that LP was played a whole bunch in our North Truro bayside cottage except for Wed which was Reggae Day.The album was produced by Don Costa who did several classic Frank Sinatra albums.Now Kenny is very low key but this album is an unknown gem.He does great vocal versions of When Sunny Gets Blue,Heres that Rainy Day,While my Guitar Gently Weeps,On and On and a beautiful Groovin along with a few others.So I found out the CD is no longer in production but I bought one of four new listed on Amazon.I still have the LP but I had to get the CD once I found out it's not being made.

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