Saturday, November 15, 2008

Smoke near the Water

I went outside earlier to get some Parsley and thought at first my neighbors were having a fire in our fire pit but it was dark on the patio.It wasn't till I was back inside and walked into my bedroom I realised I was smelling smoke from the fires North and South of here.Now that I know I've been smelling smoke all night though it is unusual because I'm not that close to either fire.Speaking of neighbors it was Sweetpeas 5th on Friday and she wanted to go to a place called Crickets at Santa Monica airport where you can actually get fried crickets(They have normal stuff also).She likes them and Knuckle Sandwich claimed tonight he had a fried scorpion there last night though it was a passing thing he mentioned tonight as they were leaving so I'll have to ask his parents.I gave Sweetpea"If you give a Cat a Cupcake" book and some other one about a small duck(without Gilbert Gotfried's voice).She gave me a piece of her really good chocolate pudding type B-Day cake.Did I ever mention here my idea to do classic books in audio form with Gilbert Gottfried as the reader.I think it's a real money maker.

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