Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pumpkin Musings

Back from roaming around my home stomping grounds and this time it was harder than ever to go west again.Of course being on vacation and working and living there is a whole nother story but the pull is getting stronger.I ate a lot especially grape pie and Rochester Dogs at various places including the Rochester Hot chili type sauce on them and have discovered my stomach will no longer tolerate hot sauce mutiple days in a row.Bought some Maple Syrup an old neighbor and her husband make on their farm from their own trees and had a lot of good meals at friends houses and at restaurants.I became addicted to the Broccoli and White Cheddar Soup Wegmans sells in their hot soup bar and am in love with the sub rolls they use for sandwiches which have a nice outer crunch.As for the pics I am on the left On the Erie Canal and on the right In the Erie Canal.It was Halloween Day we took my friends late brother in laws trawler from Fairport,N.Y. where it had been for two weeks in a better effort to sell it back to the Marina in Macedon where we took it last fall to spend the winter.It was another nice cruise and this time six were on board.We docked and while the boat was being tied up I decided to jump onto the dock.I jumped ,slipped a bit and my right knee buckled on me at which I lost balance fell onto my side and bounced/rolled off the dock into the next slip which was empty except for the water.It was just like in the movies when you hit the water wearing cool weather clothes.I went down thinking okay thats far enough now lets go up but that did not happen right away and when I came up went down a bit again then came up sputtering.The dock was to high to climb out and when they said I should swim back out to the back of the boat and it's ladder I showed them one of my fingers worked.I wasn't about to swim into deeper water with sixty pounds of wet clothes on me.Then my friend said to swim towards the front dock which I did and found I could touch bottom there.I then paddled under the dock and crawled under it onto the rocks by land where I slip slided my way onto dry land looking like swamp thing my pants and shirt now sporting a nice sheen of green slime.Some one produced a blanket and a bottle of brandy and I stood there looking like a deranged Indian Chief.In a final twist this lady with us had a digital camera.Lucky Me.We all had a good laugh and I took a lot of nautical ribbing the next few days.I think of all those times in high school and college wasted jumping out of boats and never fell into anything and now this.One morning there was a dusting of snow so I headed south towards Naples where the hills and fields had a bit more snow.It was quite beautiful.I drove by one field of Pumpkins and each one had a little white hat of snow on it.A few days later driving by the same field the snow was gone but crows were scattered about on tops of the pumpkins giving them a comical halloween look.To top it off I missed my flight in Chic to L.A. on Thursday and spent the night at Hyatt Regency O'Hare eating 13.00 Cheeseburgers and 16.00 single malts.