Saturday, November 22, 2008

Officer Perry

So I'm reading the Truro,MA news site the other night and there is a story about some 63 year old lady getting busted for selling cocaine and smack.The investigating and arresting officer was a Sgt. Dave Perry and I thought the name rang a bell.I emailed my buddy from Babes days who lives in Rochester now and asked him"Is this our old friend officer Perry?" and indeed it was.We were pretty well acquainted with officer Perry back in the late 70's when we were all a lot younger and did foolish things.But my friend Tom's crowning moment with the officer came one July afternoon when we were cruising down Route 6 in his 64 chevy pickup which he had bought a few weeks before.Unknown to me he had put the plates from a VW he had the summer before and we had cruised around in all summer till it died.Officer Perry however on this fine summer day noticed my friend Tom had car plates on a pickup truck and pulled us over.We all got caught up on what we had been doing since last summer when we had"met" a few times and we laughed and then he wrote another ticket and we said we were sure to meet up again real soon which we did during a rather loud night party at our compound in the North Truro Family Camping Area on Highland Rd.It's good to know after all these years Officer Perry is still on the job.


Her Royal Troutness said...

Just so you know, it wasn't me.

JAbel said...

I love your new ID.It sounds well it sounds Royal