Friday, November 14, 2008

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I'm happy to report that I visited both the Century City Mall and Westside Pavilion Mall this week and both are fully decorated for X-Mass.In fact some of the bigger stores are also decorated in the malls.I really don't know why they bother taking the decorations down.I solved it a few years ago when I just left the icecicle lights in my living room window and a small artificial tree with lights in my livingroom up all year.They have been there four years now.I turn the lights on Thanksgiving night and leave them on till orthodox X-Mass or my Feb B-Day whatever mood strikes me.The only thing I put away is my snow white small stuffed Bumble from Rudolph which sits beneath the tree.He wouldn't stay white if he was exposed to L.A. air all year.I just dust off the tree and lights and I'm good to go.If I buy a real tree I put it out on the patio with just clear lights so we can have fires in the pit and look at the tree.The only other thing I need to do is nail the X-Mass Moose stocking to my front door.

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