Monday, December 15, 2008

It Never Rains in CA.

Just loved today.It got to around 60 and rained hard off and on from last night through this Eve.Plus more rain on the way this week and next!Even though an L.A. rain storm is a wimp to anyhting from back east I'll take what I can get.A good night to read Chandler and his rainy L.A. night descriptions.Come to think of it I read all the Chandler at once and it has to be a good twenty years or more.I might just have to dig through the shelves cause I know they are here someplace.I love this time of year cause one never knows when you open the door if a surprise box is going to be there.Today I almost fell over a big Omaha Steaks styrofoam cooler.Last week it was two boxes from Amazon.My best hallway story happened years ago when my old roomie from the beach Charlie was in town staying with me and I think my friend Jeff from Florida.Charlie had borrowed my bike the day before and rode it all over Venice and he complained on waking up how sore he was from riding all the day before.I was between girlfriends then and as we are leaving my Apt. Charlie says very loudly"Man my Butt is killing me!" and as we head down the stairs there is my older neighbor Eve giving me a look and I felt like saying"I'm not Gay,not that there's anything wrong with that".Finally I saw the hat lady saturday at the grocery store for the first time in a few months.Of all things she had a paperbag hat with a big black vinyl band around it.I told her it wasn't very X-massy and she said"This is my mood right now"I told her I hoped to see her wearing something with little X-Mass ornaments on it and Candy Cane earrings next time I saw her.She laughed and said she could do that.

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