Friday, December 12, 2008

X-Mass Fun

I've lacked anything to say of late but today was one of those days where things just kept eventing.I started out going to the local drugstore to get some drugs then mailed a box of Trader Joe's goodies to my friends in Pittsford.The freakin shipping cost almost as much as the contents.Then it being near noon I walked down to the newstand picked up a copy of the Friday NYTimes and then ducked into Subway for a Tuna Sub.Sitting at my little table paper and sub in hand I looked up to see this guy who looked oddly familiar to me entering and it was as he was walking back out with his sub it dawned on me it was Lenny of Lenny and Squiggy fame.My celeb siting done I walked up to the bank then crossed the street to the mall.Took a quick look at the puppies in the puppy store then headed down to B&N.On the way you cross Westwood Blvd. three floors up on a wide enclosed walkway so I sat down in a comfy chair to look out upon the west side of L.A. when I noticed a few feet awawy from me a X-Mass tree made out of Pointsettias.It was really cool.I counted 13 levels top to bottom.I bought a copy of the Collected short stories of F.Scott Fitzgerald as I haven't read them since college and this upcoming Benjamin Button film brought the book to mind again.I took the bus home and leaving the bus I came upon the school kids at Saint Timothy going from school to church.This brought back a flood of memories of my Catholic School days and as I'm all awash in the good old days what appeared to be second or third graders followed up the students into church dressed as Mary,Joesph,Angels,Sheperds and Wisemen.It was so cute I almost went into to watch but figured a lone middle aged man carrying a book of Fitzgeralds stories wearing a well worn Red Sox hat might seem a bit "odd".A Happy Full Cold Moon to you all.

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