Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Remembrance of Things Past

I put up the Pine Bank shot because it is the latest in a series of places lost.Pine Bank was put up for sale by my friends brother in law recently.It was our hangout on Canandaigua lake from high school and well beyond and if I had the 1.5 mill asking price I'd buy it in a minute.It led me to think of some of my favorite places also gone to me forever.The two houses I grew up in.My old Fraternity House in Brookline,Mass now a sort of private home.The Surf Club in Provincetown now a restaurant instead of the best dingy dive bar on the East Coast.My friends house in Indialantic,FL. where I spent several great holiday seasons,My Uncles Hunting Camp in Canisteo etc.It's mostly part of growing up and older but losing places we love can be as hard as losing people we love.The Frat house really grates on me.I had visions of going back for alumni weekends to visit but never got the chance as Brookline gave us the boot.Pinebank was a place in later years where we went to relax.It was sort of off by itself but right on the lake and a place one did not ever want to leave once you got there.As we grow older memories of places instead of the actual places seem to take over.

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