Thursday, December 18, 2008

Old Pal

I was on the bus today coming back from Trader Joe's when we stopped at a light and I saw this old guy come out of a store who looked familiar.Then it dawned on me he used to shop at a grocery store I did under the mall that moved out several years ago.I recalled him because he was dressed like always.Plaid Pants,White Loafers and a loudly colored Rayon Golf Shirt.But what stood out in my mind was the last time I saw him and a like dressed friend in the now closed grocery store.In the grocery cart was a case of Fleet Enemas,A quart of Jack Daniels,A quart of Beefeater Gin,a tub of sour cream and a jar of Peanut Butter.They may have been buying more but that's what I saw and it stuck with me.I was thinking Geez what the heck kind of things are these two old dudes up to? So it was interesting today to see he's still around.

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