Friday, April 11, 2008

A bit of Summer

It hit 88 here in Los Angeles today and sat and sunday are forecast as 90 and above.It's been around 68 for the high the past week so I am not looking to this big jump even for a few short days.On Tues I was talking to my friend in Rochester and while it was around 66 here and I was telling him it was on the cool side it was 65 in Roch that day and he was saying how nice it was after taking his Harley out for the second time in months.After I talked to him I got to thinking how great it was back east the first time the temp went over 50 after a long winter while 50 here sends some folks running for gloves and down jackets.On the bright side this is the first winter I haven't really grilled much in L.A. so Sat is my first Weber day in a few months.Flank Steak,grilled corn,homemade tater salad and blackberries for desert.

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