Sunday, April 13, 2008

International Days

I mentioned this elsewhere but on Wed or Thurs night they had a Japanese night at Fenway Park with the Japanese Natl Anthem and dancers along with drummers before the game.In the offseason they added a thousand seats at Fenway and the Irony was on Japanese night it turned out to be the largest crowd at Fenway since World War 2.On Friday night the Yankees came to town and drew an even larger crowd.So today it turns out the German Foreign Minister threw out the first pitch at Fenway and I'm wondering if all the Axis Powers are coming through Fenway Park this summer.It was great today.Manny hit one of those homers of his where it is so far gone as soon as it leaves his bat the whole crowd is up seeing how far it will go.Today's bounced off the billboard high above the Green Monster and bounced back on to the field it seemed before he was halfway down to first.I wonder what the neighbors think when they here me several times a summer yelling"MANNY,MANNY,MANNY!!!"

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