Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Book Notes

"The Discovery of France"A book I finally started about two weeks ago and then got sidetracked onto other books namely the last two unread Alan Furst books along with James"Portrait of a Lady" has won the 2008 Ondaatje Prize.Thanks for the heads up Mary.I must really pick it up and read through after loving the first 50 pages but it's a hardcover and I've been so sore of late from moving our office a paperback is much easier to hold in bed of late.On another note a nice little essay on Flann O'Brien in the May 2008 Atlantic Monthly in cahoots with the release of all five of his novels in an everyman library edition.I still have not read "The Poor Mouth".Today I brought home my copy of"World Light" by Halldor Laxness which has lain on my desk there for a few months.It was supposed to be lunch reading but all these mags I got at work for unused airline miles have taken my lunch reading over of late.I counted 30 plus books in a box today that had been lying in various drawers and under piles of other things in my office.All but four were read so I have a few more to add to the to read pile.When I think of how many boxes of just things I had kept for no reason were taken from my office the thought of my Apt. scares me.I have cooking mags and more going back to 1983 saved I do not know why as the ones with recipes I use are stacked elsewhere.Clothes going back to college that I will never wear or fit in again litter the closets.I've become a packrat without realising it!

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