Saturday, April 19, 2008

This and That

I haven't been inspired to post the past week mainly because we are moving our office.We now have 25,000 sq feet.The building we are in is split in three and we are moving from the left side all the way to the center of the same building with 10,000 sq feet.To top it off there is a large metal door back by our small machine shop that unlocks and leads right into our new space.This makes it easy but it still involves moving our whole production area.The part of the old office I was in housed only our shipping and aisles of military test sets and radar that have sat for years so we sold it all off.My nice big office though will be gone but it is what I have in there after twenty plus years that amazes me.I never realised how much junk I had and my apt is even worse.I have thrown out so much old paperwork, catalougs, magazines,pay stubs,old tax returns etc all stored in my office.But cleaning out the desk has brought some nice finds.Some letters from my late old friend Geno Haggerty from the P-Town Jug Band along with some pics of them.Letters from my aunt and godmother.Old newsletters from my Fraternity and old X-Mass cards.A letter from Greece from an old Northeastern girlfriend.A letter from Italy from an old Truro summer girlfriend.Various postcards from all over and a Yukio Mishima book of short stories I have been looking for about ten years.I still have a bookcase and filing cabinet to clean out and await the gems in there.

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