Friday, April 25, 2008

Digital Age

I just applied for my digital converter box coupon from the govt.It gets you 40.00 off the box when you buy and that should just about cover the price.I waited awhile but hear the list is growing and once you do get the coupon it's good for 90 days.I got rid of cable so I'll need the box when TV signals go digital next Feb.I asked for two to send one to my parents but knowing the govt it will be good in my name only.I typed in all the info and it had an apt box with the# in the line so I typed in #4 only to have my request kicked back to me saying# wasn't allowed.At least it wasn't one of those forms where you have to enter everything again when you add an#.At the end you had to enter the code words in the last box.Mine was there Roswell which I thought was a bit funny seeing as it's the govt but when I clicked off the# and my entry went through I started clicking back to my homepage and the first click netted me Bahama Man as my would be code words if I was doing it.I want to be Bahama Man not there Roswell.

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