Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pet Stories

I was flipping the channels on my non-cable TV the other night when I came on an "Everybody Loves Raymond' rerun.In it his daughters pet hamster had gotten out of the cage and crawled into a box of fudgesicles which Raymond then put in the freezer.I know the whole plot line is a bit hard to buy but bottom line the hamster was frozen and a trip to the vet could not bring it back.In real life When I was around 11 my grandmother and I were in one of those 60's discount stores.I think it was a Two Guys in Rochester and somehow that night I talked her into buying me a black mouse and a white mouse complete with cage and running wheel.We lived next to my Mom's parents then and when we got home I brought my mice next door and my father made noises about it.I can't recall if it was early spring or late fall but the mice loved to run on the wheel in the wee hours and one night my dad had enough of the noise and put them out in the garage.Next morning I found my two mice stiff as a board in the cage.So my brothers and I decided to bury them in the backyard.As we were digging a hole in the way back I looked down in the box and the black mouse gave a slight kick to a back leg.Excited we put both mice in front of a heater and in minutes the black mouse was back to full mouse life.The white mouse was gone.Maybe fur color played a part in coming back from the dead.So a few days later I give the mouse to my cousins husband who owned a pet shop and found out a week later he fed the mouse to a snake in the store.I'm still not sure all these years later what the moral of the story is but that mouse if he/she were around today would get at least a book deal out of it if not a guest spot on Oprah or it's own show on the Animal Channel or whatever that cable station I don't get is called.

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