Friday, May 16, 2008


While waiting for the bus today a white GM panel van with the picture below went by.Now I had never heard of this outfit let alone seen a van with the ad on it.It listed several different types of autopsy and other services.I think even for me this is a bit much.But the best laugh I had in a looong time came when I googled it tonight.The pic is on the home page also but along the headings on top for things like services is one Gift Catalog!.I was laughing hard and then I clicked it on to find it's for clothing and trinkets with the 1-800-Autopsy logo on it.I must say I was a bit let down by that.


Susan said...

Maybe we can design some things for their gift catalog? Also, I think an autopsy gift certificate is appropriate for MANY occasions.

JAbel said...

That's what I pictured in my mind.Things like autopsy gift certificates and whatnot.That's why I did a doubletake when I saw the heading.I can see one of those sound cards you send with the Stones singing Dead Flowers.