Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Food Fun

The Wed NYTimes Dining In section had a nice article with pics on creating animals from fruit and vegetables.Now while I never understood the goofy little vegetable/fruit flowers etc. some places put on your plate(I could care less if I have a radish that looks like a rose next to my porterhouse)this went way beyond the Martha Stewart anal retentive school.This was art.There are pics of parrots made from carrots which is cool just because the spelling is so close,my fave a standup bear made out of lemons,a poodle made from broccoli,some really realistic human faces carved on watermelons,mice made from taro root and a few others.I'd link some pics but the NYTimes takes forvever for some strange reason on my computer.Go have a look.Also there is a nice article on cookbooks for children with several listed.My neighbors Sweet Pea and Knuckle Sandwich thanks to their parents are budding little cooks and interested in food. Knuckle Sandwich is a fan of my Chicken/Sausage/Shrimp Gumbo even though it's pretty spicy.Sweet Pea likes to pick the herbs we grow if we need them or not.She then either makes a "salad" of them puts them in baggies or throws them at me shirt level.

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