Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cherry Wars

I'm at the grocery store today and everything went fine till I hit the produce dept.The produce dept is an argument waiting to happen because everyone seems to have an opinion on produce.Be it fresh corn,tomatoes and especially fruit.Fruit is the easiest way to get punched in a supermarket or have it thrown at you.It all started when I saw 1lb bags of cherries.The zip lock bags full of cherries are a recent thing by me instead of a bin of loose cherries you bag yourself.I guess a lot of folks were slipping on loose cherries on the floor or the juice from supermarket carts was staining the carpet really bad.The cherries in question had 3.99 and 5.99 listed underneath.So I asked one of my produce buddies which price was correct.He called another one over and they wern't sure so one went up front to scan it and came back a few minutes later with 3.99.While he was gone a lady and an older gent in a Mr.Greenjeans outfit both came by and eyed the cherries.Which is the right price? they asked the other produce guy.He said someone was getting the price and I asked him if I could buy just a half pound if they were 3.99.He says sure and opens a bag and pulls some out."Try one" so I take one and say not bad.He offers the lady one and then the old guy who says"No I bought some here three weeks ago and thought they were soft,I like a hard cherry".I'm thinking this guy is trouble and he tells the lady "Go to Gelson's they are 7.99 a bag but very good".She replies"Yes they have wonderful fruit compared to this store"I'm wondering why the heck are these two here then looking at the cherries while the poor produce guy is wondering what the heck is going on.Then the old guy says to me while I'm eating a second cherry"Don't eat the skins,just spit them out"Me"Huh?",Him"If you eat the skins they can give you stones""That sounds like a bunch of bull" I tell him and his face gets a little red."No it's true,I know" he says with a little spit coming out of his mouth as he walks away.The other produce guy comes back and says 3.99 but at that moment I spot containers of raspberries 2/7.00 and say"I think I'll get a container of raspberries instead,sorry for the trouble" I did look up the skins causing stones on google and nothing for both types of stones.In fact under kidney stones was a link for cherry extract that says it helps gout and the prevention of stones.I can't wait to run into Mr. Greenjeans again and start holding up plums in a few weeks when they come in season.

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