Friday, May 2, 2008

Waiting for the Bus

I sat at the bustop for a good twenty five minutes at two this afternoon and it was a nice wait.I saw three Bentleys go by one a softop,a ferrai,a 64 chevy impala in mint condition and numerous other interesting cars that Los Angeles is full of.But the best was a guy who came by on an old Mountain Bike sort of converted into a mobile home with things stored all over it and large color pictures covered in plastic on the front and back of the bike of Jesus.The guy riding the bike looked classic hippie.It got me to thinking some of the unusual things I've seen in L.A. over the years.The night I woke up at 3:30 to hear a wacking noise and someone laughing.Looking out I saw two guys driving golf balls down Beverly Glen on their way to the golf couse across the street.They were both carrying six packs and it was quite impressive they were driving the balls straight with cars parked on both sides considering their condition.Several Years ago there was a guy who liked to walk very fast against the traffic on Olympic Blvd during morning rush hour.I would be driving and there he would be in the middle of the road arms swinging ignoring all.But the strangest thing I ever saw was back in the late 80's.I was driving down Venice Blvd on a hot August afternoon when I passed a guy walking a good five miles from the Ocean but heading for it..He looked like a South American Indian,nut brown skin carrying a fishing pole,a large plastic bucket and wearing nothing but a loin cloth.

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