Thursday, May 1, 2008

Stars and Moon Watermelon again

I've been told in another forum tonight by an eccentric poster in Amish country that the melons are actually a dark green and the more I look at that pic it could be lighting that gives it a purple tint but then again the NYTimes ran a different pic and it looks purple so I'll say they are a very very dark green bordering on purple.However she claimed it's a common watermelon in Amish Penn which it clearly isn't from looking at seed sources online.


Susan said...

Um, I somehow don't think Amish farmers order their seeds online.

JAbel said...

Susan,You are right on that.But the poster was impling that the things are all over the place.Just looking online for us mere mortals it seems the seeds are hard to find.I think kids would love watching those things grow and eating them.It's a messy old sit on the steps full of seeds to spit watermelon.