Friday, May 30, 2008


On thursday I took a cab down to Santa Monica to one of my doctors and waiting for the bus afterwards I was rewarded with a whole block of Jacaranda trees in bloom.We have a bunch on my street at home in bloom also and I noticed this morning while waiting for the cab that even though our yard guy and the two houses next to our bldg. both get done on thurs morning and hour after these guys left the lawns were already scattered with many purple blooms.I'm not sure where the Jacaranda comes from but I know it grows down under,in Africa etc but after the purple blooms it's rather a plain tree of small green leaves.But the blooms are cool also because some of them when you step on them pop and make a sound like popping a plastic bag.


Dan said...

Interesting Jacaranda insights. I´ll have to go out and step on a flower to see if it works.

JAbel said...

I think the ones that make the popping noise are freshly fallen and on the sidewalk or road.They sure don't do it after the sprinklers have come on them.I also recall seeing the trees in Naples,Fl. but don't recall them in Key West but most of my Key West trips were winter or summer.